Beef Prices:


LIMITED TIME OFFER 1/3 LBS BURGER PATTIES. Vacuumed-sealed with 2 patties per package

2 patties — $4

4 patties –$8

8 patties –$15


20 lbs Burger Bundle $99    

50 lbs Burger Bundle $240

The 90% lean burger is vacuumed wrapped in 1 lb packages.


Starter Bundle:  

18 lbs of beef variety      $124.00

This averages about $6.88/lbs for a variety of meat.                   

8–1 lbs of burger

1–3lbs small roast

2–New York Cuts

2–Sirloins Steaks

2–Fajita Steaks

2–London Broil


Beef Bundle  

24 Lbs of beef variety      $175.00

This averages about $7.29/ lbs for these beef varieties  

12- 1 lbs packages of burger

2–Ribeye Steaks

2–New York Cut Steaks

2–Fajita Steaks

1-4lbs Chuck Roast

1–Beef Brisket

1–Flat Iron or London Broil


Family Bundle:  

30 Lbs of Beef Variety             $214.00

This averages about $7.30/lbs for beef varieties 

15–lbs of 1 lbs packages of burger

2–New York Cut Steaks

2–Delmonico Steaks

2–3-4 Chuck or Sirloin Roasts

2–Fajita Steaks

2–Sirloin Steaks



1/12 Bundle        

45 lbs  of Beef Variety             $304.00

This averages about $6.75/lbs of beef varieties               

22–1 lbs of burger

1–Tenderloin Steaks

4–New York Cuts

2–Fajita Steaks

2–London Broils

2–Sirloin Steaks


2–Chuck Roast

2–Cube Steak

1–2 lbs soup bone


1/8 Bundle                                           

60 lbs of Beef      $405.00  

This averages about $6.75/ lbs of a beef varieties         

30–1lbs of burger

4–New York Cuts

3–Delmonico Steaks

3–Chuck or eye of round steaks

3–Sirloin Steaks

3–Fajita Steaks

2–Tenderloin Steaks


2–Cube Steaks

2–London Broils

1–2 lbs soup bone for bone broth


Quarter Bundle   

Over 100 lbs of Beef    $669

This averages about $6.69/ lbs for a variety of beef cuts

50–1 lbs of burger

4–Ribeye Steaks

4–New York Cuts

3–Tenderloins Steaks

3–Delmonico Steaks

6–Sirloin Steaks

4–Eye of Round Roasts or Tri Tip


4–London Broils

3–Cube Steaks

2–Flat Irons Steaks

4–Fajita Steaks

2–Soup Bones


Individual Cuts (Prices subject to change)

Burger–90 percent leans in shrink wrapped packages

1 lb burger               $6/lbs

1/3 Patties               $5/ 2 patties per package

Steaks–Shrink wrapped in packages. Steaks are wrapped one to a package. Total weight is indicated on packages.

Tenderloin           $22/lbs

Ribeye                   $16/lbs

New York              $15/lbs

Delmonico            $15/lbs

Sirloin                    $8/lbs

Flat Iron                 $9/lbs

London Broil         $6/ lbs

Brisket                     $5/ lbs

Fajita Stew Meat   $5/ lbs


Roasts–Shrink wrapped in 3-5 lbs packages

Tri Tip                     $6/ lbs

Chuck Roast           $6/ lbs

Eye of Round         $5/ lbs

Sirloin Roast           $5/ lbs


Speciality Cuts

Soup Bones            $3/ lbs

Stew Meat               $3/ lbs

Osso Buco              $8/ lbs

Dog Treats             $6–Three bones to a package

We take all major credit cards. Let us help you find the cuts of beef from the cattle raised on our ranch. Meat bundles are based on average weights. Adjustments are made based on weights and available products. Don’t hesitate to ask about our beef or cooking tips.