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What It Takes–To Make the Beef

    To most anyone in the beef business, they love what they do. Raising a herd of animals brings a high level of rewards and satisfaction. Beyond the pitfalls of challenging weather, market prices and the hardships of keeping animals healthy, most ranchers would not give up this lifestyle. It’s what they do. A […]

Beef Bewilderment–Buying the Perfect Roast

Nothings seems as perplexing as buying a roast for the dinner table. Chuck–braise–rump–top round–sear–bottom — eye of the rib–rolled rib…confused yet? Welcome to the world of buying beef. It doesn’t have to be so confusing. For most beef buyers, the roast is a great value with so much variety. It’s also the perfect leftover food. […]

Bringing Home the Beef

The blazing colors of fall aren’t the only things that are a change for us. Our food preference change with the Indian Summer days and cool nights. Comfort food takes on a whole new meaning. We are ready to trade the patio barbecue for the warmth of the crockpot or dutch oven. Tis the change […]

Local Food Three States Away…Really?

The buzz about the goodness of locally produced foods is everywhere. Buy local — eat local — support local. The idea of local sourced food makes perfect sense. However, there is a frustration in how local is used to manipulate consumers. A mission of our beef company is to help consumers find local food. Just because […]

Lessons Taught by Cow #674

      Mother’s Day — a day for all of us to think about our moms.  Mine was your typical ranch matron — full of ambition and good nature. She could tell you the history of every cow on the place. The kitchen was always bustling with something to eat. A proud Swiss Italian,  […]

Bring on the Burger for Summer Delight

      Summertime is just around the corner. Most of us make all kinds of plans to get outside and play. Whether it be travels to favorite places, chasing kids to activities, spending time in the yard or on the golf course, we keep plenty busy. Summer is for living. Nothing hampers the summer […]

Welcome to the beef business

Why would anyone want to jump into the business of selling beef? The short answer is that over the years our friends expressed interest in buying locally raised all natural beef. If we had a beef  on hand we were happy to share. Just like most consumers we too care about where our beef comes […]