Welcome to the beef business

Why would anyone want to jump into the business of selling beef? The short answer is that over the years our friends expressed interest in buying locally raised all natural beef. If we had a beef  on hand we were happy to share.

Just like most consumers we too care about where our beef comes from. We have a growing family and we like to know how the beef is raised. Who doesn’t want the best for their family?

We launched the business to sell and promote quality beef. Consumers have plenty of  foods choices. We’d like to think we can help you in finding the best meat for your kitchen table. Our mission is to delight our customers with quality beef products.

Helping our customers is important to us.  Out of the blue, a woman was looking for some tasty soup bones. She loves her soups and healthy eating. We gladly assisted her in getting the beef products she needed.

Lisa and I  decided to make more beef available from the home ranch in Grass Range. The MM Matovich Ranch raises the beef. Our MM Beef Company markets the products. We get asked about the MM and what it means. That’s our brand that goes on the livestock. We like that direct link from the ranch to our customers.

We have a passion for our cattle. One thing we’ve learned is that eating beef creates great memories. Whether on the patio or around the dinner table, a great meal is meant to be enjoyed and shared. I have my own personal memories about beef. My grandfather, father and uncle ran meat markets in the southwestern towns of Whitehall and Pony.

Sometimes we ate wonderful cuts of beef from Uncle Basil’s slaughter house. And yes, there are the times we suffered through a meal of  liver, tongue and other “gross” things.

For our family, we are excited to be in business of selling all natural beef. We want to share in our beef products and hope to can help create great memories.

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